I am DR.Meera Shukla
Social worker and
Director of MSSVP.

Projects and Organisation

Bal Graha(For Boy)

I am the president of the Human Resource culture development council. Bal Griha is the scheme of this organization which is only for children with disabilities who have unfortunately lost their parents. The goal is to raise these children as good citizens and make them a part of society.  

Bal Graha(for Girl)

The main objective of Bal Griha was to build confidence and a flow of strong believe in the life of those girls who lost their hope due to some major Traumatic Events in their life  

Swadhar Graha(For women)

The Swadhar Greh scheme provides an institutional framework that supports underprivileged women to live on the spot. The scheme provides women with shelter, food, clothing, health care, and economic and social protection.

Anganwadi workers Training Centre(AWTC)

Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) Programme is the world’s largest childcare program reaching out to 71.22 million children below 6 years. The training component of the ICDS Programme has now been recognized as 
the most important key to achieving the aims and objectives of the ICDS For this purpose, a wide network of training centers namely Anganwadi Training Centers (AWTCs).


CHILDLINE 1098 is a phone number that spells hope for millions of children across India. It is a 24-hour a day, 365 days a year, free, emergency phone service for children in need of aid and assistance. We not only respond to the emergency needs of children but also link them to relevant services for their long-term care and rehabilitation. We have, till date, connected to three million children across the nation offering them care and protection.

KFW Climate Project

KfW is helping India to close its energy gap, while at the same time creating environmentally and climate-friendly growth. The country is increasingly investing in renewable energy sources, with more and more electricity to be produced from biomass, solar and wind energy. Through KfW, Germany is promoting the construction of solar farms, the installation of solar panels on roofs of companies and private households, and the expansion of hydropower. At the same time, over one billion euros is being provided to support “green energy corridors”, which connect solar, wind and hydropower plants to the Indian electricity grid.

Integrated Tribal Development Project-TDF-WAD

The Programme on Integrated Tribal Development Projects (ITDP) under Tribal Sub-Plan (TSP) is being implemented since the Fifth Five Year Plan with specific objectives of reducing poverty, improving the educational status, and eliminating exploitation of the tribal families.  The program was evaluated by the program Evaluation Organisation (PEO) in 1996 to assess the effectiveness and performance of planning and monitoring arrangements, and the impact of the programs on the well-being of the Scheduled Tribes.  The report was released in July 1997.

Watershed Development

Watershed management is the process of guiding and organizing the use of land and other resources in a watershed to provide desired goods and services without adversely affecting soil and water resources. Each project under the program is a micro-level effort to achieve this objective by treating the underproductive or unproductive land and taking up allied activities for the benefit of the landless.

Family counseling Centre

Family Counselling Centre was started during the year 2011 with the help of Central Social Welfare Board, New Delhi.The objective of the Family Counselling Centres is to provide preventive and rehabilitative services to women and families who are victims of atrocities and family mal-adjustments through procedural interventions

You should have a courageous mind to face the challenges of life.

My story.

Supporting women and children since 25 years.

I was born in Bhopal,Madhya pradesh and I am the Director of Manav Sansadhan Sanskriti Vikas Parishad. I obtained my Master’s degrees(MA) and (MSW) and doctoral degrees(Ph.D).

Honors and Awards

Mahila shikar samman

For the outstanding work in the year 2021.Mahila shikhar samman was presented by the minister of women and child welfare department Ramshila Sahu on Tuesday.

Nari shakti samman

In the year 2016 I was honored with nari shakti samman by the chattishgarh social welfare Board

NGO excellence award for women empowerment

I was Awarded For Women’s Empowerment by Mahej Foundation and Just Smart Health and Social Development Foundation in the year 2019.

Our partners

Central Social Welfare Board
Chhattisgarh social welfare Department
National Bank for Agriculture and RuralDevelopment
Women & Child Development Department
Childline India
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Sir ratan tata trust

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